During the annual backflow test the device will either pass or fail. When a backflow device fails it will need to be repaired to bring it back into compliance. Over time the internal components of backflow devices break, wear out, or have debris on the seals.

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When this occurs, we will open the device and clean or replace the internal components. There are very few backflow devices that cannot be repaired. The price of a repair is normally a fraction of the cost to replace it. On some old backflow devices, the parts are no longer manufactured, and a replacement is the only option.

Our technicians are experts in preserving the life of your backflow prevention systems. During every repair we go the extra mile. The internal components will be repaired, the internal body of the device will be checked for debris and scrubbed if necessary. If there are any steps that need to be taken to help preserve the life of your backflow device we will address them and come up with a plan of action with you. For instance, when a device is inside a vault that frequently floods a pump should be installed to expel the water when needed. This helps keep the backflow device, pipe, and connections from getting corroded and eventually failing.